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Coaching for Mid-Life Renaissance

Sometimes it comes from a layoff; sometimes it arrives as a dead feeling getting up for work; occasionally it appears as a more subtle change like an unexpected shift in interests. However the indicators make themselves known, wonderfully powerful forces can sometimes guide us to a renaissance in our working life. Our coaching helps our clients to recognize the signposts and find a rewarding approach to 2nd careers, either rejuvenating existing or finding new work. We provide these services privately and also provide them to companies as more effective alternatives to traditional outplacement services. Our coaching starts where traditional career counseling leaves off. This is coaching for those courageous enough to find where they are being called to go.

Product Marketing for Successful Coaches and Consultants

We are coaches to experienced, successful coaches and consultants. Our clients have been successful for years, sometimes decades, being referred to new clients from happy existing ones. And now, in this economy, they find they have to do a better job of marketing; which means taking a new look, a deeper look, at their own unique competencies, the markets they really want to serve, and most challenging for some, represent themselves authentically, in their own voice. We bring our years of experience from leading product marketing functions and teams, including processes and approaches adapted for the coaching/consulting world. We also bring our special brand of coaching to help our clients “clean out their mental closets” of opinions and beliefs about sales and marketing.

Coaching and Consulting to Business Leaders

We utilize Evidence-Based coaching to bring about lasting changes in behavior that are selected to make maximum positive impact on organization results. We specialize in working with technically gifted leaders who benefit from increasing interpersonal and leadership skills to take their organizations to the next level of productivity and complexity. We either contract directly with the executive or can work with human resources. Engagements tend to last from 3-6 months.

Coaching, Consulting and Facilitation to Leadership Teams

Often after coaching leaders for a while it makes sense to expand to working with the team of executives reporting to that individual. We bring a strengths-based methodology to working with teams, and utilize a combination of facilitated workshops and individual coaching. This work lays the groundwork for organization-wide transformation, and is amongst the most powerful work we perform to achieve broad changes in organization culture. We believe that creating places people want to work in can produce long lasting positive change in measurable results. This work is often done in partnership with our alliance partners. (See alliance section for details) (See Resources Section for more information)

Development and Implementation of Leadership Development Programs

Found Leadership specializes in the creation and implementation of customized Leadership Development Programs. We draw from our unique combination of decades in senior management and HR management; leading and advising leaders. We’ve created a menu of subjects that can be collected and adjusted to address the leadership development needs of any organization. (See Resources Section for more information)

Addressing the Needs of First-Time Front-Line Managers with Software and Online Services

In challenging economic times, the greatest need for training and coaching can be felt in front-line supervisors and managers. For financial reasons, these new leaders frequently receive the least support. Found Leadership has a unique, economical solution to this issue. We bring a packaged combination of of web-based group coaching and a packaged software client that operates as a virtual, real-time coach. The software is called ThinkBox, and offers multiple user interfaces, ranging from a search engine to an avatar that can provide instant resources for all the issues managers face. ThinkBox can be customized to incorporate existing company guidelines and resources and operates as a Software-as-Service thin client. New managers can ask ThinkBox and question and instantly receive videos, PowerPoint presentations, word documents and sample forms. (See Resources Section for more information)