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We had careers in technology that addressed issues in data and data management.  These solutions delivered the promised features but rarely realized the results our companies and clients had hoped for. The root cause is simple: The clients were not ready for them.  They hoped technology would solve the problems but it was only part of the needed solution. We have designed a holistic approach designed to address all needed aspects of improved data management.  Our framework is easy to understand and powerfully moves company data capabilities to better achieve business goals.  That framework is called: "Data Governance Light."

Data Governance Light

Our framework is guided by a promise.  We commit to our client business and technology leaders we will help them to design and implement the least governance of data they need to reach their business goals through data.We accomplish this by identifying business goals that are impeded by current data and data management, and design a holistic approach and roadmap to address those issues.  We aid in the identification of data leaders at all levels of the company and as part of roadmap implementation improve data leadership skills to strengthen organization, process, people and technology.Our engagements can last as little as 3 months for assessment and roadmap, to a year incorporating implementation.

Chris Nichols, Founder and Principal

Chris Nichols has a record of helping companies and their executives succeed at personal and organizational change through leadership coaching, facilitation and consulting. He has worked for 25 years in corporate leadership of business development, product marketing, and channel transformation in both start-up and major corporations like Nortel, Ernst & Young, and Aspect Communications. Through coaching and consulting, he helped implement major change initiatives as a VP/Director at Gemini Consulting and E&Y for four years, leading to initiatives that created positive change that lasted.

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Results include:

  • Data-centric transformations at over two dozen Fortune firms incorporating data strategy, organization design, establishment of Data Governance Light including Council and data stewardshipManagement of technology selection and implementation for Metadata Management/Data Catalog, Data Quality Operations, Master Data Management, Data Privacy and Governance in the Cloud.
Cristina Nitescu, Principal

Cristina Nitescu, Principal
Cristina Nitescu is a data management professional who helps organizations manage their data strategy. She has 20+ years of experience working with various organizations to establish data strategies, promote data literacy and ensure that data privacy and regulatory compliance goals are met. As Chief Data Officer of Ernst & Young, she coached various clients to leverage data and modernize their data architecture to achieve better insights.

Results include:

  • Implemented data governance framework at seven Fortune 500 companies: established and executed data governance programs, including data quality, accurate data catalogs, data security and compliance.
  • Developed data-driven insights using advanced analytics and data mining techniques at 4 Fortune 500 organizations leading to enhanced business strategies and reduced operations costs.
  • Lead initiatives to promote data-centric cultures for nine organizations, fostering a mindset that prioritizes data in decision-making processes.